We install our pathways using flagstone, pavers, cobble, brick, or crushed rock. After preparing the site, we lay the chosen materials on either crushed rock or in mortar on a concrete base. Our pathways and patios are built to last with proper consideration to drainage and solid foundations.

Comparing Mortared Flagstone with
Flagstone Laid on Crushed Rock

Mortared flagstone – A mortared pathway set on concrete is mostly maintenance free. Also, smaller, thinner pieces of stone can be used. We recommend using mortar set flagstone for projects where there will be high traffic flow or a lot of furniture.

Flagstone laid on finely crushed rock – In this type of installation, plants such as moss, mint, and thyme can grow between the stones. A disadvantage is that weeds will grow there too, requiring maintenance. Soon though, your desired plants will dominate, mainly. You will see by some of the photos that it can be worth the work. Flagstone set on crushed rock or sand is less expensive than a mortared walkway.

We buy our flagstone and pavers locally at Blake Sand and Gravel, Inc. in Sequim, Washington (360-681-2877). Visit them to view materials. Also check out Mutual Material’s website to see more path, patio, and wall products available on the North Olympic Peninsula through Blake.

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